Ventricina and fiocco


The Abruzzo landscapes where the mountains give way to gentle hills are the birthplace of the Ventricina, salami which holds within itself all of the history and the flavour of the region. The ventricina is the noble essence of pork containing about 70% lean pork, including ham and only
30% back fat which is denser and richer in flavour. To enhance the flavour the addition of sweet or hot dried paprika is necessary, this being added to the raw meat to enhance the aroma.

This is a salami which requires a long period of maturation and with no artificial or natural preservatives added with the exception of salt and the spices.
The richness of the flavour is enhanced when the salami is sliced by hand allowing it's corpulence to be appreciated by the palate. The combination of the ingredients, the maturation and the excellence of the cuts used make this salami uniquely precious in the regional and national gastronomic heritage.


All the most authentic flavour of the pig black blooms in the fiocco, a prestigious product with a refined flavour.

Seasoned for a few months in it's natural skin, it's aroma is enriched thanks to it's maturation in a cool and well ventilated environment as is the tradition. Several factors including the level of humidity, the temperature and the ventilation guarantee the exception taste.

Whilst it is compared to culatello, the fiocco is a leaner and smaller product. It is prepared with specially chosen cuts, salted and flavoured with natural flavouring and spices. The preparation of the fiocco (an entirely artisanal process) means that it is a unique salami flavoursome and of high quality.

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