The region.

The land of contrasts for a harmony of flavours.

Abruzzo, strong and gentile is a metaphor for a country like Italy which has within it's boarders a unique variety of landscapes. This region encompasses barren mountain landscapes which converge on the sea; deep river gorges which are almost impenetrable; gentle hills rolling down to the sea, wide sandy beaches on the eastern coast with bristle with life during the summer season and are enveloped in a soft snowy blanket in the winter. A land rich in contrasts which knows how to continually surprise those who have the fortune to stay here and who's green areas have remained largely intact. The Abruzzo region has the highest percentage of protected areas of the whole of Italy. Thirty percent of the region has been designated as parks or nature reserves of various kinds. This highlights the central importance of the natural heritage to the local resources. Livestock breeding in the area has a long and ancient tradition, being mentioned in Dante Alighieri's sublime verses. It has continued up until the modern age through the ancient tradition of taking the animals up to the pastures. Dedication to their animals, their care and the production of authentic food stuffs meant, in the past, that the life of farmers was hard. However they have also made their contribution to the creation of a local gastronomic heritage which is one of the richest and oldest in Italy. Abruzzo is a region bountiful in flora which allows animals to feed naturally in all seasons, the resulting flavours can be found in products which enrich the local cuisine. It is the flavours of these landscapes which the black pig absorbs. Being reared free range and therefore free to eat the fruits of the land, the meat of the black pigs has an unmistakeable taste, strong yet also subtle, the taste of the Abruzzo region which has yet to be discovered.

The Breeding

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