Raise your Black Peligno

A taste of ancient tradition of 2,000 years.

How many times have you wondered how to be able to taste the meat as much as possible genuine and able to reconcile the satisfaction of your palate with the confidence of a true traceability? That's what drove us a few years ago to undertake the experience of breeding, a farm he met the authenticity and tradition, outside the logic of industrialization. Everything comes from the passion to do things right, with the times and the ways that nature has taught us, without compromise. The use of the right spaces to avoid creating pollution and the right time for the welfare of the animal. Today you can too. They decide to raise your home Black Peligno with the opportunity to come and see him whenever you want, control its growth and well-being. At about three months of life of the animal is applied a button recognition through which check the good you can do is to take advantage of a flesh from unique organoleptic properties, is to help our and your desire for biodiversity . Your monthly contribution will help us meet the objective difficulties of sustainability and will allow us to handle everything in-house. We use a hectare of land for 14 animals, according to a very rigorous discipline, and this allows us to pregiarci the mark for the protection and conservation of the Black Pig of Abbruzzo. After a period of not less than 10/12 months you can decide whether to buy your Black Peligno whole or decide to do work for us according to our best standard. For further information do not hesitate to contact us by phone or mail, we will be glad to give you any explanation without any commitment.

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