Salame Aquilano

The taste enclosed in a slice of artisan salame aquilano is a treasure which it is difficult to find in a mass market product. The knowledge of how this salami is produced has been handed down through the generations and still produced in small quantities in almost the whole region. The salami is made of a low fat mix of loin, shoulder, haunch and capocollo. It is very finely ground and enclosed in a natural skin. The salami is given either a round or a squashed shape. The latter being given by a wooden mold which also absorbs and confers aromas and flavours during the maturation process.


A pronounced flavour and character are the principle characteristics of this sausage. It is comprised mainly of liver with a small percentage of other cuts and enriched with local aromatic herbs. The traditional maturation in it's natural casing is made up of two phases. The first is "hot", the sausage is smoked in the smoke house. The second "cold and dry" phase requires close attention to make sure that no air remain trapped inside.


A simple and balanced flavour, rich and authentic make this product a unforgettable tradition for all palates. It's natural goodness is the result of a simple production process which does however require an experienced hand in achieving the perfect balance between fatty and lean meat. The fantastic flavour of this sausage means that it will be the perfect addition to any meal.

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