A tradition that goes back 2000 years.

Entering into an oak forest lands of Abruzzo, not more than 2000 years ago, it was not uncommon to come across a copy of the black pig, known since Roman times, it was part of a rural world that made him not only the protagonist their table, but also of myths and legends of the local folklore.
Although it is often overlooked given, not everyone knows that the original breed of pigs,
throughout the Italic, it was characterized by dark, albeit with some distinctions gained in the different territories of stabilization: a few specimens were in fact fenced, other stained or without bristles, but they all belonged to a single original race, that of the black pig.

Probably it had to be an animal imported by the Romans following the conquest of the eastern territories, then inselvatichitosi thanks to repeated crosses with the wild boar. The lands of Abruzzo, and much of the south of the peninsula, then they populated with the time animals black coat or slate-colored bristle bristly and large drooping ears eyes that grazed undisturbed in the lush countryside Italic.

For centuries, Abruzzo has kept the black pig, for centuries it has been a staple in view of the farming and food culture up to 60 years, by which time the suinocultura intensive ended up favoring the white pig, the fastest growing and the most economic power and more prepared to battery.

The black pig Abruzzo seemed doomed to extinction not being adaptable an industrial productivity. Instead now it reborn with all the authenticity of the ancient race and an innovative method of farming.

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